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Heej, har tagit kort på en super gullig tjej som heter Asmira. Lägger upp några bilder på den här äckelbloggen ifall ni skulle vilja kolla in dem. ;)

Denna blogg suger k*k

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Heey, kul att ni kollar bloggen även om det heh, var ett tag sen jag bloggade ;) Vet inte ngn bra redigerings sida som är gratis längre så alla bilderna kommer inte vara redigerade :/ sääämsst. 
Alla har väl redan sett dessa bilder men efter som jag är efterbliven så läger ja ut dom iaf. Hade inte enskilda bilder på alla i laget, sorry. Men visst va vi fina? ;)

Just me, myself and I

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Hey guys, whats up? Hope u r doing better then me. I hate my life this week :( i'm an intern on Ö&B. Seriously! Not to complain but that's the worst work u can ever get. AHHH, I just wanna scream! FML FML FML FML. Not to camplain again but my life sucks (y) great. 
I haven't edited this picture so this is what i look like (good days) ;)


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Yesterday was awesome! :) But I was so tired when I got home. I slept until half past two today, that's crazy dude! ;) So i haven't done anything today, I've GOT to clean my room (that sucks cuz my room looks like hell). Wish me good luck.  


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Heey ya'll! I haven't been out and taken photos in a while so i'm just gonna show u some old, hope that's ok ;) tonight all the girls are going to Lottas place ;) and i'm bringing my camera so maybe you'll get to see some photos! OHHOH EXITING :D 
My friend Julia :)

The worst and the best things in life comes free to us

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Heey! We've been swimming with the school today, not that funny if i say so ;) well it's fun to swim just not with the mother fucking school! Or wait, in one way it actually was fun ;) hehe, i'm not gonna say it though, you'll have 2 figure out it yourself. I'm gonna go eat now, so bye :D
2 weird, old pictures on me, Clara and Julia :)