I'm so funny!

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 Heh, funny. Made this so that the next person would get pissed like this: now i'm done *reaching after the paper and can't feel it* hmm, that's strange? *Turning to look at the paper and sees that there's nothing there* WTF!?!?!? Who forgot to change?!?!?! Fuuuuuck! :') LOL, i can see it in front of me. (Worst humor ever, i know) 

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1:a kommentar, skriven , av Liene:

Tack, så kul du tycker det:D

Haha, händer mig ofta att pappret är slut. Det är hemskt:O :O :O :O

2:a kommentar, skriven , av Laura:

Hahhahah fint!

sv: jag vet as fin bild!! ;) <3

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