Photo project

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Hey! This is the result of a photo project. (I was on a photography course in Stockholm). The whole point was to photograph a house in different angles and interpretations (<----- weird word) and stuff. I know none of them has the same edit but all of them where so diffrent, I just hope you'll like them seperately.

Dreaming about flying away

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Hey. I've been in Stockholm with my cousins and i've followed my ant at her work, so that's kind of internisch ;) she works at SAS, so i got to fly! That was awesome! And i got alot of new pictures :)  and i've been so busy that's why i haven't updated. Well i'm gonna go and do something useful now, bye!

Instagram pictures

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HEEEEYY! :D I'm in stockholm now! Omg, have to tell u guys something! I've waxed my legs! Hurts like hell in the begining. Don't let anyone tell u something else. Not like omg-i'm-crying-painful just FUCK-this-hurts-painful ;) now i know how it feels for all motherfucking famous people, don't now how they handle it. Seriously! And ecpecially Brazilian. Thats just crazy! If you've done it, tell me if it hurts more. ;) 

Just me, myself and I

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Hey guys, whats up? Hope u r doing better then me. I hate my life this week :( i'm an intern on Ö&B. Seriously! Not to complain but that's the worst work u can ever get. AHHH, I just wanna scream! FML FML FML FML. Not to camplain again but my life sucks (y) great. 
I haven't edited this picture so this is what i look like (good days) ;)


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Yesterday was awesome! :) But I was so tired when I got home. I slept until half past two today, that's crazy dude! ;) So i haven't done anything today, I've GOT to clean my room (that sucks cuz my room looks like hell). Wish me good luck.  


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Heey ya'll! I haven't been out and taken photos in a while so i'm just gonna show u some old, hope that's ok ;) tonight all the girls are going to Lottas place ;) and i'm bringing my camera so maybe you'll get to see some photos! OHHOH EXITING :D 
My friend Julia :)

The worst and the best things in life comes free to us

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Heey! We've been swimming with the school today, not that funny if i say so ;) well it's fun to swim just not with the mother fucking school! Or wait, in one way it actually was fun ;) hehe, i'm not gonna say it though, you'll have 2 figure out it yourself. I'm gonna go eat now, so bye :D
2 weird, old pictures on me, Clara and Julia :)

I'm so funny!

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 Heh, funny. Made this so that the next person would get pissed like this: now i'm done *reaching after the paper and can't feel it* hmm, that's strange? *Turning to look at the paper and sees that there's nothing there* WTF!?!?!? Who forgot to change?!?!?! Fuuuuuck! :') LOL, i can see it in front of me. (Worst humor ever, i know) 

Blue like my heart!

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This is my youngest cousin :) her name is Julia (what a beautiful name) ;) she was here in sweden (she lives in norweigen) over te weekend. Look at her eyes, they are soooo bluuueee :O

Party all night long!

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Hellooo :)  I have physics test tomorrow, it suck! I hate it cuz i don't get it, like it's both math and shit about the things no one cares about! Stupid teachers thinking we're gonna learn something from it. Like, I will be the best physics teacher ever! Which kid would want to be that? Whatever, i got to study, buhu :(