Even if it's hard u gotta get up again

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Heey guys! What's up? So lately i've been studying (actually studying, wow!) So i haven't updated (maybe u noticed) but that's changing now :) In dance class we have been dancing ballet! It's awesome but much harder then u would think ;) well our dance teacher have been dancing in the U.S.A so he can do all kind of stuff! It's funny that he's here in värnamo to dance when he can dance wherever he wants! ;)

Pretty girl in my fron yard

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Soo, i'm going to bed soon, maybe i should clean my room first? Yeah like that would happend ;) i can just crash the couch if it's to messy in here ;) (and it is). Well goodnight then. 
 Wanna see her blog? Just click here :D

An angel on earth

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This is my lil sis Nathalie and she's really weird but cute (and so so so kind!) ;) and i tell ya, i don't know where she got the cuteness from! (Or the kindness, cuz everyone just think about themselvs). No one in this family looks like her! ;) Especially not me, i'm a freak. ;) 

Rain drops

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The weather here sucks! Seriously, when are we going to have sunshine again? If i would go out now i'd probably freeze my ass off ;) 

Hello down there!

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Hey! Just got home froom school and i promise u, it's not fun to drive moped when it rains! I'm soaking wet! Atleast it's cosy to drink hot chocolate in your pajamas and watch tv :)

I can see you!

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Godmorning! So i'm going 2 school in like two min and i'm just done showering! The weather sucks and i have to drive all the way to school :( buhu poor little me. 

Start over

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So i'm gonna start the blogg again (woohoo! Happy news!), but it's gonna be in english! Both because i have to practise and because english is much much cooler! (don't hesitate to correct me if i've spelled something wrong) But i got so many photos 4 u guys! And a new design, do u like it? I do ;) well tell me what u think about the blogg and be nice! 
4 pictures from this summer on the boat! (and i'm just getting started)